There's a new gameplay trailer for Nine Noir Lives to watch.

Even though Stray came out on July 19, it wasn't Cat Day on that day.

No, the official International Cat Day was on August 8.

Today is August 8. Silvernode Games couldn't have picked a better time to put out a new gameplay trailer for Nine Noir Lives.

In the point-and-click adventure game, a furry cat detective is working on a murder case that puts him in the middle of two rival gangs.

Cats are known for being curious, so it makes sense to put a trench coat on one.

I believe? Anyway. Nine Noir Lives is a game that was influenced by the best movies of the 1990s.

But with a difference. As a cat, much of your feline intuition comes from licking everything and everyone, not just asking questions.

The gameplay trailer for Nine Noir Lives shows some of this furious biting in action.

Cuddles Nutterbutter, the cat detective, doesn't seem to feel bad about what he did.

You can pretty much lick anything you see, from bowls of snacks to milk cartons that talk back.