Post Accident Scams

Post Accident Scams

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After an accident, you run the risk of being scammed by people who aren’t honest, like dishonest lawyers and people who are called case runners or cappers. These lawyers pay them to find new clients. Runners and the lawyers they work for are the bad and unethical part of personal injury lawsuits.

He or she is a “case runner.”

If someone is hurt and wants to sue someone else, case runners, also known as ambulance chasers, work to find them. They do this to make money. They might listen to police radio transmissions and show up at accident scenes to help people who are hurt.


A runner may seem to be very friendly and helpful, but they aren’t doing you any good at all. They’re taking advantage of you when you’re hurt, stressed, confused, and in need of help. You might get a business card from a runner so you can call them. Some runners pay law enforcement officers to get the names and contact information of people who get hurt.


People, who run for Lawyers: How do they help them?

If you agree to be represented by an attorney through a runner, that lawyer will pay the runner illegally and unethically to bring them your case. A lawyer who breaks the law and professional rules of conduct has what? Almost nothing.


They will do as little as possible on your case and try to get you to settle quickly for less than your case is worth so the lawyer can get paid on a contingency fee. They try to get as many clients as possible. They don’t spend a lot of time on cases and settle them quickly to keep their cash flow going.


Ambulance chasers are called “lawsuit mills” because of the way they work. They’re like factories, and they file lawsuits like businesses make products.


Is this morally wrong or against the law?

People who work as lawyers in Texas must follow the rules of professional conduct. If they don’t, they could lose their licence for a while, or they could be banned from practising (their ability to practise law is taken away). There are rules in Texas about how to be a professional.


If a person who isn’t a lawyer wants to get a job as a lawyer, he or she can’t pay, give, or offer to pay anything of value to get the job done.

Rule 8.04(a)(1): “A lawyer shall not: Violate these rules, help another do so, or do so through the actions of another.”

if they pay someone to run your case, they commit a crime. It’s either a class A misdemeanour for the first time, or third-degree felonies for people who have been charged before. Because of state law, you can sue to get the lawyer to cancel his or her contract if you fall for one of these scams


If you’re successful, you can come back:


The fees and expenses you paid the lawyer.

Damages for any harm you did.

A $10,000 fine.

The fees and costs for suing the lawyer

You may also be able to sue them for legal malpractice if the lawyer did not do a good job representing you and you lost money.


Running: What are signs that a runner is trying to reach me?

Whether you are in the hospital or at home, a stranger may show up. The people at the scene of the crash may give you a ride before an ambulance comes. They will talk about your injuries, a lawyer, lawsuits, and how much money you could make if you file a case against the company. They might give you money if you hire a certain lawyer.


People who are running may come over and talk to you. What should I do?

Tell them you aren’t interested in them. If the runner doesn’t stop or you want to do something, ask for their name, phone number, and the name of the lawyer they’re working with. Tell them you’ll get back to them. Instead, call the police and make a report. If you don’t like the lawyer, you can also file a complaint with the State Bar of Texas.

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